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The Orange Tree School welcomes applications from pupils of all backgrounds.  

Our admissions procedures are intended to identify those applicants who will thrive at The Orange Tree School and, if Orange Tree is the right school for your child, to help you through the admissions process.  

We take into account many different factors including if we feel that the School is a suitable setting to cater for the student’s needs, and the effect that the placement might have on the education of other students at the school.  

It is important to note from the outset that while the Orange Tree School welcome applications from a broad range of pupils who require a specialised and tailored approach to their education and will thrive in a small, therapeutic and nurturing environment. We are NOT a school for children and young people with behavioural issues. Additionally, we are not an independent special school.  

Two main pathways to the Orange Tree

We have two main pathways through which our students apply and, if successful, join the school: the private pay route, and the Local Authority funded route. 

The private pay route is intended for those who may not have EHCPs in place and are able to pay the fees privately. The Local Authority route is for those either with EHCPs in place, or looking to apply for an EHCP and whose placement would, either in part or in full, be funded by their Local Authority. To find out more about either of these pathways, please explore the links below. 

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Local Authority Funding Route



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Our Admission Process



Anyone is welcome to get in touch with our admissions team through our website, arrange a phone call, and visit the Orange Tree and meet some of the people that make the school so special. 



Once you are sure that the Orange Tree is the right place for your child and want them to be considered for entry into the school, you can formally apply to the school. Depending on whether you are using the Private Pay Route or the Local Authority Route this process will be slightly different. Explore the pages to learn more about this. 


Application review and taster days

Our admissions team will thoroughly review the application along with any relevant supporting materials. Once we are sure that the Orange Tree may be a good fit for the pupil, they will then be invited for taster days. These taster days are the best way to find out if the school would be a suitable setting to meet their needs. 



If, based off the paperwork and the taster days, the school understands that it is able to meet the child’s needs, a formal offer is a place is given either to the parents or to the Local Authority. 



Congratulations! As soon as the offer has been accepted and agreed, the transition process to join the school can be started. 

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