The School Day

Find out what a typical day at OTS looks like


Every day at OTS presents different opportunities to our students. Some days might be packed full of lessons, others may have an afternoon full of enrichment and co-curricular activities, and some may even be off timetable for big events. Below is what a 'normal' day might be. 

A day at OTS

8:50 am

Breakfast Club

Students are welcome to come to school slightly before registration in order to have some breakfast, talk with teachers and peers, and prepare for the day.

9:05 am


Pupils arrive at the school for registration. This creates a calm and positive start to the day, with pupils and their Form Tutors able to catch up and talk about the day, and week, ahead. Students also have the opportunity here to have a snack or slice of toast so they are ready for their lessons.

9:20 am

Lessons begin

Our first lesson of the day begins. Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes, with pupils having five lessons a day.

11:00 am

Short break before lessons resume

A short break at the end of the first two lessons to give students time to re-focus and prepare for the next lesson. Lessons resume at 11:20.

11:20 am

Two more lessons before lunch

Student have two more lessons after break.

13:00 pm


Lunchtime is a central part of the day and a key foundation of our school community. Teachers will be with the students giving everybody a chance to socialise and get to know one another. There is also time to take part in lunchtime activities with a variety of options available. Lessons resume at 14:00.

14:00 pm

Final lesson of the day

Students have one final lesson after lunch before it is time for afternoon registration and home time.

15:00 pm

End of the school day

Students are free to go home once registration has ended.