The Orange Tree Approach to Education

A Whole School Effort

A school that puts the child first

At the Orange Tree School, nothing comes before the needs of our students, whether it concerns academics, enrichment or mental health and wellbeing. Our approach to education takes into account the whole of the student, not just academic performance.

A student-centered approach

We believe that schools should place their students at the heart of everything that they do. This belief has underpinned the school's practice from the design of the building to the decision to embed holistic support and wellbeing into the curriculum. 

We place a lot of emphasis on allowing students to let their voices be heard and know the value of working collaboratively with parents, students, teachers, and other professionals. 

Helping the most vulnerable students achieve their potential

Holistic Outcomes

At the Orange Tree, we provide an education that nurtures the whole of the student, not just their academic potential. To do this, we blend together a broad and balanced curriculum, enrichment opportunities, and other interventions. We want to see all of our students become lifelong learners, active citizens, and lead fulfilling, independent lives. 

We don't see these other outcomes as barriers to academic achievement. In fact in our experience it is quite the opposite. Those students who feel happy and confident in their own abilities are not only more able to reach their potential in the studies, but they are also more likely to dig deeper, explore new ideas, and develop their own particular interests. 

The Orange Tree Way

Outstanding Staff

Our highly experienced staff are not only experts in their subject areas but also understand the complexities of working with children who may have social, emotional, and mental health needs.

Small Group Teaching

All of our teaching is delivered in small groups or no larger than 8. This means that students can get the attention they need, any difficulties can be quickly identified, and support is efficiently implemented as necessary.

Rich Curriculum

Our broad and balanced curriculum emphasises critical thinking and creativity . It empowers students to develop crucial learning habits as well as enabling them to achieve a depth and breadth of knowledge.

Therapeutic Environment

We seek to create a therapeutic environment as part of the school. This is coordinated by clinical professionals who know how best to target specific needs.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

The Orange Tree School is more than just a school. It is also a community of teachers, families, support staff, and professionals. The school is underpinned by strong networks of support and warm, caring relationships.