Orange Tree School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Our objective is to provide a safe environment for all young people to learn and reach their full potential.

Strong networks of support

Students at OTS are surrounded by networks built on care and trust. Each student has a form tutor who not only acts as a key contact for students, but also maintains regular communication with parents so that any questions or concerns can be raised and answered as quickly and effectively as possible. In addition to the form tutor, students can also reach out to other highly trained members of staff such as teachers, deputy headteachers and the headteacher. 

"Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe. They know they can go to a range of adults for help." - Ofsted Report 2022

A pro-active approach to safeguarding

At OTS, alongside having robust structures and measures in place to ensure that any safeguarding concerns are dealt with effectively and efficiently, we believe that one of the most effective ways keep our children safe is to actively work to prepare students for the complexities and challenges they may face during their time at school and beyond it. Our PSHE and RSE curriculum plays a key role in building an understanding of vital aspects of the modern world including age appropriate information on topics including relationships, mental health, money, drugs, alcohol and more.

OTS also understands that in a fast changing world, we cannot stay in the same place. Whether it be the latest technology, government guideline or social media trend, we have an obligation to stay on top of new areas of risk and adapt ourselves accordingly.

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Safeguarding Policy