Vision and Ethos

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Who We Are

The Orange Tree School works to achieve its aims by providing a stimulating, caring, calm and secure environment. We are guided by three broad principles: engagement and raising aspiration, unlocking every child’s potential, and recognising and celebrating achievement.


Our Core Values

The Plan

Engagement and raising aspiration

We are committed to empowering students through a holistic education so that they feel confident in their abilities, discover a passion for their learning and interests, and achieve more than they ever believed they could.

Unlocking every child’s potential


We want our pupils to receive the right care and support for their needs so that they can lead happy, curious lives as active members of their communities. Our broad curriculum encourages them to follow their own path with ambition and allows them to take creative risk, accept challenge, persevere and develop resilience.

Recognising and celebrating achievement

We encourage a community in which everyone is treated as an equal and where individual and collective achievements are celebrated and nurtured.

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