School Meals


At OTS students can choose their lunch from a variety of sandwiches, toasties, pastas, Jacket potatoes, salads, vegetables and fruit and MYO Sushi on Fridays.

Any specific dietary requirements should be noted on the students’ initial induction pack forms.

Our mornings start with a light breakfast option between 8:50-9:05 which isn’t mandatory with a selection of cereal, fruit, yogurts, and porridge.

A snack is offered at 11:00 break time and can include pita bread, vegetables, humous cheese, fruit and croissants.

On Monday mornings students can enjoy a Pancake breakfast with varied toppings to choose from to have a sweet start to the week.

On Fridays, students can roll their own sushi with different fillings to choose from to end the week with a positive vibe.