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The Ellern Mede Orange Tree  is a leading co-educational secondary school focussing on health, happiness, and a holistic education

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A School that puts the needs of your child first

A unique approach to education


Welcome to The Orange Tree School, an independent school provision for young people with SEMH needs aged 11-18 who require a more bespoke and supportive approach to their education. 

We believe that the education should fit the child, not the other way around. Through our combination of a rich academic curriculum, personalised enrichment opportunities, and additional support, we help children achieve the truest potential.

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"Joining the Orange Tree School has been a tremendous opportunity to take the next step in my teaching career"

Teacher of English
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"The creativity and opportunities to personalise each students' learning makes our school community so special!"

Teacher of Art
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"The variety of each day at OTS makes coming to work so rewarding. There's no better feeling than ending the day knowing you have helped make a difference"

School Development and Teacher of Maths
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"It’s not like mainstream school. There are no bullies.

"It feels different to my last school. It feels like there is less pressure and I like being there."


Current student
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"Finding the right school has changed everything for our whole family. Our son is happier, less anxious and life at home has become so much easier."

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Our Core Values

Unique Educational Vision

An Orange Tree School, education is a bespoke experience that combines small group teaching, a tailored curriculum, and outstanding pastoral care. We believe that education should nurture the whole student and not 'just' be about getting grades.  

Outstanding Staff

From our teachers to our inclusion team and clinical specialists, every member of the Orange Tree School team is an expert in their field with a wealth of experience. They all understand the complexities of the young people they work with and know how best to enable them to reach their fullest potential. 

Vibrant Location

Set in a former church in the quiet North London town of Whetstone, the Orange Tree location is itself a key part of our students’ education. The timeless exterior combined with modern facilities speaks to the school’s character that combines classical foundations with cutting edge ideas. 

Therapeutic Environment

A key dimension of the support we offer is the therapeutic environment. We understand that sometimes clinical support is required for our students to help them overcome the challenges they may face. By integrating therapeutic support within the school experience for those children, we can more effectively implement strategies as a team. 

Welcoming Community

The Orange Tree is more than just a school. It is a community founded on strong support networks and caring relationships.  Our young people learn to build relationships and develop their communication skills as part of a close-knit community. 

Years of Experience

The Orange Tree School was founded in late 2021. The central core of the school emerged from the consistently Ofsted Outstanding Ellern Mede Schools. The team behind the Orange Tree School has over 20 years experience at the top of specialist  education provision. 

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